Town Hall Meetings for any Q&A pertaining to the topics on the Nov 3rd Ballot.

Stockdale Community Building
Monday, October 12th at 6pm
Wilson County ESD #3 Station #2
52 FM 3432, La Vernia
Wednesday, October 14th at 6pm


1. Annexation Election of the area known as the Kicaster Area. 

2. Sales and Use Tax up to 1 cent to be used for Emergency Medical Services


Citizens in the Kicaster Area Ballot

Citizens in Current ESD #3 Ballot

Early Voting and Election Day Voting Locations, Dates and Times


Map of proposed area to be annexed

Map of the current ESD #3


  1. What does adding the Kicaster to the district do to the service provided to the current area? 

Currently the Kicaster area is being covered by District #3 under a contract through the county.  The county is not planning on renewing the contract for EMS services after this fiscal year (FY21).  The Kicaster area is the only area in the county not covered by an ESD providing Emergency Medical Services.  Without a contract District #3 cannot legally provide services outside its district. A group of citizens from the Kicaster area obtained 120 signatures (50 required) on a petition asking ESD #3 to cover their area for EMS services since they did not have one.


Such as responsiveness and equipment use?  Currently the Kicaster residents receive the full benefit of D3 without the ESD tax.  Currently the ambulance and crew stationed at the corner of FM 775 & FM 3432 is the unit that responds into the Kicaster and surrounding areas to include all the subdivisions on FM 775 and down CR 319.  That unit just like all of our other units are staffed 24/7 with a Paramedic.  We have very aggressive protocols, carry many different types of medications and even carry whole blood.    


Does the Kicaster area provide any equipment for their current district or do they have one?  Kicaster does not have an ESD that provides EMS.  Kicaster is in ESD #1; however ESD #1 is fire only.  No Kicaster does not provide any equipment.   The unit with equipment and staff are positioned at the station on FM 775 & FM 3432 to decrease response times to that area of the current ESD #3, but due to its proximity to the Kicaster also services that area as well. 


Will new equipment need to be purchased because of the additional area?  No new equipment will need to be purchased.  We are already providing the services & staff/equipment to that area.



  1. Will the money obtained thru sales tax be used to purchase vehicles, equipment, add people, or increase the payroll of current people employed?  For ESD #3 the whole point of the sales and use tax is to be able to lower property taxes.  With a sales tax everyone passing through the area or non-property owners contributes to the cause rather than it being only on the property owner.  Most people who reside in Wilson County and shop in LV, Stockdale, Floresville, or even SA are already paying 8.25% sales tax.  In the rural areas outside of LV and Stockdale the sales tax is 7.25%, if this passes it can go to the 8.25%.  As far aas property taxes goes, an ESD can tax to a max of $0.10/$100.  ESD #3 this year lowered our tax rate to $0.0958/$100, and would like to continue to lower it.  Without the Sales and Use tax, the rate won’t be able to go much lower.  

      3.  What happens if this annexation gets voted down?  Thats really unknown at this time.  Without a contract from the county or being annexed in by ESD #3 its really unknown.  Legally for an   ESD to provide services outside its district lines, it must have in place a contract with a start date, end date and monetary value or be annexed.  





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